Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Positively Pennsylvania - Keeping Kids Alive!


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
Margaret Mead

Dear Friend in Safety,

This note is entitled “Positively Pennsylvania.” When it comes to KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25®, many Pennsylvania communities take a positive approach by putting care into action as they educate and engage citizens in making a difference to create safer environments for us all on neighborhood streets, and beyond.

Following are examples of what’s “Positive in Pennsylvania:”
  • The City of State College was the first in the State to form a KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25 Task Force representing interests throughout the State College Area (they created KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® of the Centre Region) to develop a communitywide plan for implementing the campaign. Their efforts were recognized in Law and Order Magazine.
  • Exeter Township was the first city in the State to take advantage of on-site consultation in development of their communitywide plan of action to seed and grow KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25®. They continue to engage neighborhoods, businesses, and schools in a cooperative effort with law enforcement and other city leaders to make local streets safer. Walk-Bike Berks County has joined local efforts as an advocate for safer streets for the benefit of all by introducing Complete Streets.
  • The Chestnut Hill Neighborhood in Philadelphia leads the way in introducing the campaign locally. Check out a testimonial at KKAD25 Testimonials.
  • Marple Township, through the leadership of Commissioner Charlie Sammartino, was the first township to engage a health care system - Main Line Heath and the Bryn Mawr Hospital Health Center - as a major sponsor for the local campaign. They have also observed KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® DAY the past two years which is celebrated each May 1st in communities across the U.S.
  • AAMCO Transmissions, based in the Philadelphia Area, was the 1st Corporation in the U.S. to underwrite KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® Public Education Messages on radio stations throughout the country. We welcome additional partners. Contact us at kkad25@kkad25.org or 402-334-1391.
  • Business partners have included Fisher’s Ace Hardware and Wilson’s True Value Hardware in Lansdale.
  • Participants in the campaign also include Moon Township, Lower Swatara Township, Abington, Center Valley, East Fallowfield, Exton, Hershey, and Middletown.

Staying Positive in Pennsylvania!

As you can see, Pennsylvania has positively supported KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® by being first in many ways. We look forward to continue support growth of our traffic safety initiatives as you act to create safer roadways for the benefit of everyone. Here are some ways that you can help.

  • Invite your workplace to become a corporate sponsor/partner. Contact 402-334-1391 or Tom@kkad25.org to talk about possibilities.
  • Be a catalyst for neighborhood/community involvement. All you need to get started is available for free at KKAD25 Start-up.
  • Incorporate KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® into your local Safe Routes to School initiative. For more information on Safe Routes in Pennsylvania, visit PA Safe Routes.
  • Invite your local school to help seed the campaign in your community through a KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® SCHOOL FUNDRAISER (Click here)
  • Invite your local high school to create a safe-driving culture in their school - and in the community as well. (Click here to learn how)
  • Your community can also benefit from on-site support to develop your community neighborhood traffic safety plan. Call 402-334-1391 or e-mail Tom@kkad25.org for information.

Thank you for all you do to make your neighborhood and community safer for all of us each day. And may you and all you care for have a safe, peaceful, and relaxing summer.

“Don’t Let the 2 Minutes You ‘Save’
Be the Last 2 Minutes of Someone’s Life.”
Adapted from David Townsend (Tia’s father)

In safety,
Tom Everson
Executive Director - KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® - A “For Action” Organization -501(c) (3)
http://www.keepkidsalivedrive25.org/ – Keep up with the latest at the KKAD25 Blog.

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