Monday, November 21, 2011

Have a “B+” Thanksgiving and Keep Kids Alive!

A “B+” may not be the highest grade, but it’s a perfectly wonderful blood type, although rare. Only about 9% of us have a B+  “B positive” blood type.
When is comes to driving, though, 100% of us can embrace the need to “B positive”  - that is our driving behaviors need to be positive. So as we head out on roadways of all types this Thanksgiving, let’s make the grade a “B+” by:
  •           Taking a walk around your car before backing up or driving forward. Make sure the coast truly is clear of children, pets, toys, etc
  •     Buckling up everyone, every trip, no matter the distance– Seat BeltsFASTENATING!®
  •       Observing the speed limit, going slower as conditions dictate – No Need To Speed®
  •       Putting away all cell phones and other distractions – Hang Up and Drive and Be Aware! Drive With Care®
  •       Not tailgatingIt’s Not A Race! Create Space®
  •       Observing Stop signs correctly – Stop! Take 3 To See®
  •       Observing all traffic signals and signs.

Do all these and have a “B+” day every day you are behind the wheel.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

What is Your Dream for Children? Let's Keep 'Em Alive

Peter Benson, late President of the Search Institute, talks about the "language of thriving;" that is the words we use to describe our hopes and dreams for our children. See "Sparks: How Youth Thrive."

What is your dream? What are the words of "thriving" that comes to mind for you? Is it joy, hope, service, and a love and appreciation of others? 

Every action, every word, we use to engage others in our lives can reflect the dream we have for our children. Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 plays a role in encouraging the realization these dreams.


Simply by doing what is in our power to see to it that kids grow up to share their joy, passion, hope, and love with others - what Benson calls "sparks!"

Every time we buckle up, observe a speed limit, stop at a stop sign, put aside our cell phone when we drive, decide not to drink and drive, choose not to tailgate, we take the power we have to do what we can to help dreams come true. What we do to prevent tragedy is directly tied to helping kids realize their dreams. Why? Because they are alive.

Do what you can do to keep dreams, and kids, alive today. Be that spark so they can sparkle!

Get involved at

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's Not A Race! Create Space Keep Us All Alive

R&M Transportation, our first partner with our "It's Not A Race! Create Space" Campaign sent this photo - see lower righthand corner.

Remember, 29% of all injury crashes result from poor space management on the part of drivers (read-tailgating). Our behavior behind the wheel makes all the difference. Make a life-giving difference today and everyday. Learn more at 
"It's Not A Race! Create Space"

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