Thursday, February 21, 2013

Emergency Educational Engagement Now!

Emergency Educational Engagement Now!

In the wake of news that Traffic Deaths Rose 5% in 2012, now is the moment to take a fresh look at the “3 E’s” of traffic safety.

Typically these “E’s” include:

Engineering – building and maintaining safe roadways
Enforcement – enforcing motor vehicle laws
Education – teaching motorists the skills needed to behave safely behind the wheel – and reinforcing these skills through ongoing education

As a traffic safety education non-profit, Keep Kids Alive Drive 25® advocates a renewed focus on the 3rd E – Education. Let’s phrase it this way:

Emergency – After 7 years of reduced deaths on America’s roadways, 2012 shows a 5% increase in deaths – over 1,600 more loved ones died in 2012 than in 2011 – an average of 5 a day. This indeed constitutes an emergency when it comes to traffic safety education.

Education – We need renewed focus on teaching safe driving behaviors. The fact that fatalities and injuries are on the rise is evidence that many of us do not know how to drive safely. We may say that we know how to put aside distractions, follow the speed limit, buckle up, create safe following distance, and observe stop signs and all manner of cautionary signage and signals. However, the data demonstrates that we have not learned to put what we may say we know into action by virtue of our behaviors behind the wheel.

In the words of Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do.” If we observe speed limits, stop at stop signs, put aside cell phones, buckle up, and so many other necessary behaviors to keep ourselves and others safe on and along roadways, then we truly do act as the safe drivers we say we know how to be.

Engagement – Make 2013 the year when your community, neighborhood, school, business, civic organization, or faith community makes the commitment to become engaged in education towards safe driving behaviors. Keep Kids Alive Drive 25® exists to assist and support you in your educational engagement efforts. Learn more about how to begin at KKAD25 – Get Involved. The life you save may be yours or that of someone you love. Call or e-mail today about hosting an educational event in your community – 402-334-1391 or

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