Tuesday, March 2, 2010

76,000 Pedestrian Deaths - Keep Kids Alive!

Dear Friend in Traffic Safety,

Deb Hubsmith, Director of Safe Routes to Schools National Partnership, reports that, “In the past 15 years more than 76,000 Americans have been killed while crossing or walking along a street in their community.” That is an average of over 5,000 pedestrian deaths each year (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration-NHTSA).

Some of the families of loved ones who have died have a special connection with Keep Kids Alive Drive 25. These include the families of Shaye Martin (FL) , Kyle Foster (TX), Justin Faust (MO), Ashley Steffan (WI), Tia Townsend (WA), Nadia Chowdhury (IL), Nicolas Riconosciuto (FL), Sierra Feaster (NJ), Stephen Schroeder (KY), Anna Diffenderfer (PA), Melissa Tindell (FL), and Matt Schmill (NE).

One death is one death too many. We must be proactive, not simply reactive, in our efforts to prevent roadway deaths and injuries. Towards the goal of “zero deaths,” the only acceptable target, it is never too early to make a difference in engaging all residents in creating a safer environment on and along roadways to benefit pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists. Click on the following links to find out how you can make a difference today.

¨ Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 in the News in Edison, NJ – Edison is one of the participating cities in the 4th Annual Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 Day on May 1st. Click on Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 Day to learn about how your community can get involve. The first 10 communities with a plan of action will receive a free starter kit of key chains, bumper stickers, and brochures to support your efforts. We welcome corporate sponsors – contact kkad25@kkad25.org or call 402-334-1391.
¨ Making it Safe to Walk and Bike – Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 supports Safe Routes to Schools and Complete Streets. Several communities have integrated Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 as a key educational component of their Safe Routes to Schools initiatives. Learn more about what your community can do at KKAD25 Start-up. Also see Safe Routes to and from Schools are No Accident
¨ National Youth Traffic Safety Month Information at www.NOYS.org. For more ideas, click on KKAD25-National Youth Traffic Safety Month
¨ Safe Roads 4 Teens Coalition
¨ 1,000 People Who Care-Keep Kids Alive!
¨ The Tipping Point, Broken Windows, and Neighborhood Traffic Safety

As always, stay safe as we march towards spring.

“Don’t let the 2 minutes you ‘save’ be the last 2 minutes of someone’s life.” David Townsend – Tia’s dad.

In safety,
Tom Everson
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