Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Live Forward! Keeping Kids & Memories Alive

Live Forward! supports families in the wake of the death of a loved one due to a traffic-related incident. Live Forward! is all about bringing great good into the world by creating living legacies in honor and memory of each of these loved ones.

It begins with a loved one’s name on the back of our KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® Run to Remember Team t-shirts as we take on the Pike's Peak Ascent Trail Race August 17, 2013 – a chief fund-raiser to support these families. It expands as families create events, community actions, projects, new campaigns, and support for establishing new foundations to bring ongoing good into the world. 

Here are a few examples of Live Forward! actions from the past several years:

  • Establishment of "It's Not A Race! Create Space" in honor of James Davis  
  • Testimony for Texas HB 87 establishing a new law in setting residential speed limits in honor of Kyle Foster 
  • Supporting the Project Citizen class at Miami Lakes Middle School to enact a local ordinance governing school zone speeds in honor of Shaye Martin
  • Collaborating with students at Colts Neck, NJ High School, the Graeme Preston Foundation, and Plymouth Rock Insurance to hold a "Keep Kids Alive 5K Run" to raise funds to begin a Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 campaign in Monmouth County

  • Support the "Run to Honor Conor," an event of the Conor Lynch Foundation in Sherman Oaks, CA. The Ford Motor Company Fund's "Driving Skills for Life" provided funding for our involvement
  • Donating key chains, decals, as well as presence at community events honoring Andrew Brumback, Erika Joy Rowan, Shannon Lloyd, Justin Faust, Anthony Henry, Cady Reynolds, Nick Peters, Kyle Clark, Brandon McPherson,and Natalie DeLeon
  • 2 Run-Walk to Remember events in Omaha - supported by the families of Kylie Remmereid, Christopher Lantz, Bryn Dirkschneider, Skyler Dickey, Cady Ann Reynolds, Mikey Rice, J.T. Butrick-Chase,and Brandon Bruggeman
  • Partnering with Dacobi KC, owned by Denise McPherson, Brandon's mom, to create "Run to Remember" shirts for families connected with our annual Run to Remember as part of the Pikes Peak Ascent Trail Race. Our team is preparing to participate for the 7th straight year August 17, 2013 - more information below.

  • Meet more of the loved ones we remember @ "Faces of Keep Kids Alive"
We look forward to adding to this list as new opportunities to Live Forward!  present themselves. This includes our "Parenting @ the Speed of Life," "A License to Live" and "Flashing Your Brights - Dare to Care" presentations. E-mail kkad25@kkad25.org for information.

Support Live Forward!  

We invite you to support the mission of KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® and help fund Live Forward!   by participating in the 1,412 Thank You Note Challenge for the 2013 KKAD25 Run to Remember.

Our goal? $14,115.00 - $1.00 for each foot above sea level at the summit of Pike's Peak. We need 1,412 donors to generously donate $10.00 or more towards this goal. Donate now @ KKAD25 Donate

CHECKS can be sent to: 

12418 C St.
Omaha, NE 68144 

Corporate Sponsors are welcome. Please e-mail kkad25@kkad25.org or call 402-334-1391. If you know of a loved one who has died due to a traffic incident and would like to see them included in our "Run to Remember," please e-mail Tom@kkad25.org or call 402-334-1391

Your generous giving keeps kids living, generates 1,412 "Thank You" notes, and helps families Live Forward!