Sunday, July 12, 2009

1000 People Who Care - Keep Kids Alive!

Dear Friend in Safety,

Thousands of Non-Profits have closed their doors due to the economic downturn of the past year. In the midst of challenging times, Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 is committed to carrying on our mission, and to growing stronger, in supporting community action to engage each of us, and all of us, in making our roadways safer for all who use them - motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists alike.

We, meaning our Board of Directors and I, are working hard to keep Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 viable. Our latest venture to raise money is to find 1000 people who care to donate $5.00 per month (or more) to support our mission through The Network for Good. Our target is to achieve this goal by July 1, 2010. We have built our mission through grassroots involvement in over 1000 communities around the country. We return to these roots to invite small, but significant, donations to help us grow in the future. Every contribution makes a difference - for you, your neighbors, for families who have experienced the death of a loved one - in short, for every one of us.

In addition to making your own commitment to donate, please invite at least 10, or more, of your friends and relatives to become donors - for the cost of one foot-long Subway sandwich or one KFC value meal per month. All donations are tax-deductible. Every donor receives acknowledgment along with a small, meaningful, gift from Keep Kids Alive Drive 25. Your help by inviting others to support the mission would be a tremendous favor to help us grow in the next year. (Remember, an average of 102 people die each and every day of the year on America's roadways. These are our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and friends. Please feel free to tell the people you invite why you are supporting Keep Kids Alive Drive25.)

Anyone you invite who has questions can contact me directly at or 402-334-1391. They can also visit our web site to learn more about Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 - If you know a business that would like to be a sponsor, have them contact me directly.

To make a donation, all you have to do is click on The Network for Good.

And remember, Your generous giving keeps kids living.

In safety, and with gratitude,
Tom Everson
Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 - A Non-Profit "For Action" Organization 501(c)(3)

P.S. - Please forward an edited version of this note to as many folks as possible. Thanks!

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