Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is Personal Freedom Real Freedom? - Keeping Ourselves Alive

Dear Friends in Safety,

We often hear about "personal freedom." Sometimes this appears to be shorthand for the right to act however we would like whenever we would like wherever we would like.

When it comes to driving/riding behaviors this can translate into not buckling up, not wearing a helmet, excessive speed, ignoring stop signs and traffic signals - and the list goes on and on. The question that begs to be asked is, "Is personal freedom real freedom?"

To answer this question I fall back on my favorite definition of freedom; that is, "True freedom is the ability to love/care in all situations." What this means is that freedom is not all about me. It is also about how my actions affect the people I care for and the people who care about me.

Relate this definition of freedom to motor vehicle safety. If we take our relationships with others seriously, it implies that we will do whatever is in our power to act in a way to keep ourselves safe so as not to put loved ones in a situation where they are left blindsided by a tragedy. This means buckling up every trip every time. It means wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle or bike. It means observing the speed limit or going slower according to the weather, kids out at play, pedestrians and cyclists being present, etc. It means observing each and every traffic sign and signal. These are each simple, and doable, actions that become habits when we practice them each and every opportunity we get to do so - which is dozens of times a day, at the very least, for most of us (and hundreds of times a day for many).

Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 exists to support neighborhoods and whole communities in establishing these caring behaviors as the norm - what is to be expected - on neighborhood streets, and beyond. In doing so, we can experience true freedom - the freedom to care for ourselves and for others. Find out how you can engage your neighborhood/community in caring actions today by visiting

And remember, “Don’t Let the 2 Minutes You ‘Save’Be the Last 2 Minutes of Someone’s Life.” Adapted from David Townsend (Tia’s father)

In safety,
Tom Everson
Executive Director
KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® - A “For Action” Organization -501(c) (3)

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