Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Power of One to Keep Kids Alive

Recently I came across an essay by Margaret Silf in which she shares the following story.

A commuter who uses a toll road daily witnessed a phenomenon at the toll booths. Every morning there would be very short lines at five of the six toll booths, and a very long line at the sixth. Why would anyone join a long line, he wondered, when five much shorter lines were available? The answer was the man inside that sixth toll booth. Without fail, he had a friendly, personal greeting for everyone who passed by his booth. "How are doing today?" "How's the family?" Such was the power of this "one" that harassed drivers would line up, adding minutes to their commute, simply to be refreshed by this man's friendly words and authentic kindness.

We can emulate the friendliness and kindness of this lone toll booth attendant each and every time we get behind the wheel. How? Simply by observing the speed limits, and going slower as necessary, stopping at stop signs, observing all other signs and signals, practicing good space management between ourselves and other vehicles, putting our cell phone away, and making sure everyone is buckled up each and every trip. These basic courtesies and rules of the road may not garner as much attention as that toll booth attendant, but each and every considerate action we practice makes a difference that could save a life today.

If you'd like to build on these courtesies to get your neighborhood or whole community behind safe driving practices, then consider being a lead agent to bring a Keep Kids Alive initiative to your area. Log-on at www.KeepKidsAliveDrive25.org for information on how to do so.

May we all realize the "power of one" we each possess whenever we drive. May we always use this power wisely through the kindness we show on each and every roadway.

Happy, and safe, motoring.

Tom Everson
Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 - A "For Action" Organization 501(c)(3)

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