Monday, November 21, 2011

Have a “B+” Thanksgiving and Keep Kids Alive!

A “B+” may not be the highest grade, but it’s a perfectly wonderful blood type, although rare. Only about 9% of us have a B+  “B positive” blood type.
When is comes to driving, though, 100% of us can embrace the need to “B positive”  - that is our driving behaviors need to be positive. So as we head out on roadways of all types this Thanksgiving, let’s make the grade a “B+” by:
  •           Taking a walk around your car before backing up or driving forward. Make sure the coast truly is clear of children, pets, toys, etc
  •     Buckling up everyone, every trip, no matter the distance– Seat BeltsFASTENATING!®
  •       Observing the speed limit, going slower as conditions dictate – No Need To Speed®
  •       Putting away all cell phones and other distractions – Hang Up and Drive and Be Aware! Drive With Care®
  •       Not tailgatingIt’s Not A Race! Create Space®
  •       Observing Stop signs correctly – Stop! Take 3 To See®
  •       Observing all traffic signals and signs.

Do all these and have a “B+” day every day you are behind the wheel.

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