Monday, March 17, 2014

The Power of "No!"

Words have power. However, there are certain words that many of us do not want to hear. We ignore them. When we do so, we rob words of their life-giving power.

One such word is "no." 'No" connotes what we can't do, what we shouldn't do, what common sense and often the law says we shouldn't do. And yet, the word "no" can be one of the most powerful words we will ever experience in order to bring good into the world.

Consider this:

When we say "no" to…

...the constant chirping of cell phones while driving

…the urge to ignore stop signs and traffic lights


…the desire to break the speed limit


…temptation to leave that seat belt unbuckled

…all manner of distracted driving

…driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs

...we say "yes" to keeping kids, and, in fact, people of all ages alive on and along roadways. We do so because we free ourselves to pay attention to who is worth paying attention to; that is, every person in our own vehicle, in other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and children at play. Saying "no" gives you the power to say "yes" to life - for those you love and all those loved by each and every person who share the roads with you each day.

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