Sunday, March 2, 2014

Focus! One Trip at a Time

None of us can predict what will happen each time we get behind the wheel. What we can do is to focus on those behaviors which we can control to help us to safely navigate each and every trip we take. Here are several behaviors to focus on each and every trip.

  • walk around your vehicle to make sure their are no kids playing behind or around it before I get in.
  • hide your cell phone - where you can't reach it - so that it does not serve as a distraction as you drive (remember when no one had to worry about doing this? Cell phone use while driving is becoming the new "Drunk Driving")

  • don't drink and drive
  • buckle up every trip and expecting all passengers to do so, no matter the distance of the trip

  • stop at stop signs and taking 3 seconds to look left, look right, look left again - work hard to make sure the street really is clear of other moving vehicles, pedestrians trying to cross, and cyclists making their way along roadways.
  • observe the speed limit, and drive slower when weather conditions or the presence of children at play, pedestrians, and cyclists dictate doing so.
  • be a thinker and use your blinker to signal all turns and lane changes
  • create 3-4 seconds of following distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you so you have time to react to the driving actions of others.

Repetitive practice of all these behaviors, and more, is what helps us improve our driving skills each day. None of us will ever be perfect drivers - but, are we - you - driven toward perfection each time we (you) get behind the wheel? Our answer and subsequent actions can be a matter of life and death, possibly even our (your) own. Stay focused every trip!

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