Friday, December 30, 2011

Thanks for all you do to Keep Kids Alive

Thank you for…

…setting your cell phone aside to concentrate on just driving
…buckling up every trip, and making sure all passengers do so as well
…observing all speed limits, and adjusting downward due to weather, construction, or other factors
…stopping at stop signs and observing all traffic signals and signs correctly
…never drinking and then driving
…not tailgating

Each time you did so in 2011 helped keep kids of all ages – we’re all someone’s daughter or son – alive. May these behaviors continue to protect you and others on every road you travel in 2012.

These behaviors reinforce many of the successes enjoyed by Keep Kids Alive Drive 25® in the past year. These include:
  • ·       Our Traffic Safety Pilot Project in cooperation with neighborhood associations and schools in South Omaha, Nebraska. Law enforcement, traffic engineering students at the University of Nebraska-Omaha, the Mammel and UPS Foundations all contributed to this project to engage residents as a front-line solution to speeding concerns in their neighborhoods.

Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 trash can decals
  • ·       The kick-off of “America’s Trash Talks to Keep Kids Alive.” GECIO’s regional office in Florida and AAA Nebraska’s Cornhusker Motor Club Foundation joined in as our first two partners in this project. We look forward to adding more corporations and foundations in this major initiative in 2012.

  • ·       16 communities representing 10 States launched initiatives in conjunction with our 5th Annual Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 Day on May 1st. New Berlin, Wisconsin leads the way as a city that has expanded their Keep Kids Alive campaign every year for 12 years – truly a remarkable feat.
  • ·       The Distributive Education Club of America (DECA) class at Millard South High School in Omaha, NE is the first to create an in-school marketing campaign to promote safe driving among students and their family members. You can do so in your schools; visit A License to Live.

This is just a starter list of all the good that Keep Kids Alive Drive 25® continues to support in educating and engaging citizens across the U.S. about how we can each make a difference to keep everyone safe on and around roadways of all kinds. Thanks to all our donors who help make our mission possible.

To continue to fulfill our mission in 2012, we need your continued support.
Only 2 days remain to make your tax-deductible donation to support the growth of the Keep Kids Alive Drive 25® mission in the New Year. We welcome your on-line donation today at KKAD25 Donate.

Thanks for your support. Your generous giving keeps kids living.

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