Thursday, June 2, 2011

What's In A Name? Keeping Love and Memories Alive

What's in name?

Every parent who has ever named a child knows that a name is more than just the letters that make up that name. Each and
every name represents a whole person - with a unique face and other physical features, imagination, personality, love to share, and memories to make.

These are the names of loved ones whose family and friends asked that we run to remember as we trek up Pike's Peak for our annual "Run to Remember."

Andrew Brumback, Age 8, Westminster, CA
Emily Jasmine Ranyak, Age 18, MerrittIsland, FL
Gabby Mair, Age 12, Deltona, FL
Brandon McPherson, Age 16, Weatherby Lake, MO
Myles McCarron, Age 16, Lunenburg, MA
Conor Lynch, Age 16, Van Nuys, CA
Anna Diffenderfer, Age 2, Perkiomenville, PA

Nicolas Riconosciuto, Age 5, Ormond Beach, FL
Justin Faust, Age 9, Lees Summit, MO
Kyle Foster, Age 10, Mesquite, TX
Stephen Loder, Age 5, Commerce Township, MI
Stephanie Loder, Age 8, Commerce Township, MI
Lisa Xavier, Age 6, Menlo Park, CA
Shannon Lloyd, Age 7, Omaha, NE
Shannon Ventry, Age 7, Omaha, NE

Shaye Martin, Age 8, Doral, FL
Stephen Richard Schroder, Age 10, Fort Thomas, KY
Landon Bos, Age 7, Norfolk, NE
Sierra Feaster, Age 10, Lanoka Harbor, NJ
Tia Townsend, Age 11, Shoreline, WA
Graeme Preston Age 12, Freehold NJ
Kevin Clawson, Age 13, Freehold, NJ
Melissa Tindell, Age 13, Panama City, FL

Aaron David Sumner Brock, Age 7, Haughton, LA
Tyler Tscheschlog, Age 14, Forest Hill, MD
Anthony Henry, Age 14, Yardville, NJ
Nicole King, Age 14, Katy, TX
Nick Peters, Age 15, Wahoo, NE
Kyle Clark, Age 16, Wahoo, NE
Anthony Rizzo, Age 16, New York, NY
Caleb Koke, Age 17, Austin, TX
Ashley Steffan, Age 17, Waukesha, WI
Ashley Smith, Age 17, Scotrun, PA

Cady Ann Reynolds, Age 17, Omaha, NE
Jacqueline G. Becker, Age 17, Cape May County, NJ
Christina M. Becker, 19, Cape May County, NJ
Kimberly Hoover, Age 18, Barberton, OH
Ian Taggart, Age 19, La Veta, CO
Nadia Chowdhury, Age 20, Naperville, IL
Erika Kelly Anstett, Age 20, Redford, MI
Natalie DeLeon, Age 21, Springfield, MA
Blake Goodman, Age 21, Wakefield, MA

Nikki Simonson, Age 5, Phoenix, AZ
Gia Marie Kakas, Age 21, Hamilton, NJ
Matt Schmill, Age 23, Omaha, NE
Robb Morast Jr, Age 25, Spring Branch, TX
James Davis, Age 29, White Bear Lake, MN
Holbrook Mann MacNeille, Age 66, Cleveland, OH
Mary Anne Nortrup, Age 67, Ottawa, IL

Join us in celebrating the love and memories that make up the names and faces of each of those we run to remember. Make your support known through your contribution to the mission of Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 at "Run to Remember-Donate." Every name printed on the "Run to Remember" shirts sent to surviving family members makes these much more than just a simple t-shirt. Each name shares a unique story of love and life shared with family, friends, classmates, neighbors, and even events where paths cross with people never formally met.

If you know of other loved ones who have died in traffic incidents who you would like to be remembered as part of the "Run to Remember," please e-mail or call 402-334-1391.

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