Monday, June 27, 2011

"Cell-Off" to Keep Everyone Alive!

The 1st Ever National “Cell-Off!” 

Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 joins the National Safety Council – Omaha Chapter, the C.A.R. Alliance, and other partners in observing the first national “Cell-Off” on Wednesday, June 29th, 2011.

The goal? Turn off the phone and drive!  Just don’t use your cell phone for any reason at all while driving.

It’s amazing what could happen. You can do things like:

  • Walk around your car to make sure no-one is behind you when backing up or in front of you before going forward – see “Kids and Cars.”
  • Buckle up – Your hands are free to do so. Remember, “Seat Belts-FASTENATING!”
  • Observe pedestrians in crosswalks, pedestrians of all ages, cyclists, and so many others
  • Observe Stop signs correctly – Stop! Take 3 To See
  • Observe all Traffic signals
  • Observe posted speed limit signs, going slower when pedestrians/cyclists are present or when weather conditions warrant doing so
  • Leave plenty of space between your vehicle and others – “It’s Not A Race! Create Space”

This is the opportunity we have all been waiting for – the chance for each of us to refine our driving skills.

E-mail for a free "Cell-Off" flier to post at your office, school, civic organization, faith community, or community bulletin board at local businesses. Invite everyone to participate in the “Cell-Off.” The life saved may be your own or of someone you love.

In safety,
Tom Everson
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