Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stop! Take 3 To See - Keep Kids Alive!

The reality behind this recent headline in the Denver Post begs we as motorists to take Stop Signs at face value . See Pregnant woman hit by car, baby does not survive.

Studies from Safe Kids Worldwide indicate that almost 90% of motorists do not correctly observe stop signs. The result? 200 pedestrian deaths and 17,000 injuries each year. Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 is committed to educating drivers about how to correctly stop at stop signs through their Stop! Take 3 To See campaign. Find out more at Stop! Take 3 To See. Contact us at to start and educational campaign in your town.

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“Don’t let the 2 minutes you ‘save’ be the last 2 minutes of someone’s life.” David Townsend (Tia’s dad - Tia died when struck by a motorist who ran a stop sign while she walked with a friend in a marked crosswalk)

In safety,
Tom Everson
Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 - A Non-Profit "For Action" Organization 501(c)(3)

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