Friday, December 17, 2010

8-Year-Old "Traffic Engineer" Helps Keep Kids Alive & Wins Science Fair

With a little inspiration from "Keep Kids Alive Drive 25," 8 year old Alexis, a student at Dale Mabry Elementary in Tampa, conducted a traffic safety education study that placed first in her school's science fair.

Alexis reports, "Everyone stayed at or below the speed limit of 25 mph. Only one person went over the speed limit. When I put out the sign, there were big changes. One change was that most of the people I was radaring, put their brakes on when they saw me, the sign, or another car. I was really happy to see that. I hope this will continue so that less children and adults don't get injured. I plan to go to my neighbors and tell them about your campaign (Keep Kids Alive Drive 25). Maybe they will tell their neighbors and so on and so on until the entire world knows about your campaign."

Learn more about how you can support Alexis in making a difference in preventing needless deaths and injuries by visiting

In safety,
Tom Everson

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