Thursday, January 14, 2010

Keep Kids Alive - Is Reckless Driving an Illness?

Dear Friends in Traffic Safety,

I recently came across the following:

"Physicians today distinguish disease from illness: disease is the defined condition someone has; illness is the disease and its effects on person, family, friends, and social roles."

With this definition in mind, it seems fair to ask, "Is reckless driving an illness?" I ask the question because in effect speeding, red-light running, tailgating, running stop signs, using a cell phone while driving can be considered a disease. The illness occurs in how these manifestations of disease effect the general public - creating dis-ease among other drivers, their passengers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Considering reckless driving as an illness puts unsafe driving squarely in the realm of public health. When we consider the fact that the leading cause of death for people 3 - 34 years of age are traffic incidents, all the more should we view speeding, stop-sign and red-light running, tailgating, driving while intexticated or intoxicated, and not buckling up as health concerns in need of a huge educational effort dedicated to changing behaviors. Recently we have been committed to such an effort relating to the H1N1 virus. Do we have the public will to do the same, and more, when addressing the epidemic of behaviors that characterize reckless and unsafe driving on our roadways?

Find out how you can begin to address the illness at

Don’t let the 2 minutes you ‘save’ be the last 2 minutes of someone’s life.” David Townsend – Tia’s dad.

In safety,
Tom Everson
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