Monday, November 10, 2014

Who Do You Love? Who Loves You? A Living Mission

Georgetown National Night Out
   The mission of KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25¨ is to make streets safer for all who walk, cycle, play, drive, and ride. 

In this Season of Thanksgiving, Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 is going into "Let's Make our Mission Happen in 2015" mode. The best reasons to give are found in your answers to these questions:

Who do you love?
Who loves you?

Our mission is founded on and rooted in relationships – preserving lives. Learn more @ KKAD25 Top-Rated Non-Profit

Here are 4 ways you can donate (tax-deductible) to help make it happen:
     1.    Become a monthly donor through the Network for Good - .50 a day would be $15.00 a month. $1 a day would be $30.00 per month. You can do so @ KKAD25-Network for Good
     2.    Make a donation on-line @ KKAD25 Donate
     3.    Send a year-end donation by check to:

Keep Kids Alive Drive 25
12418 C Street
Omaha, NE 68144

     4.    Create a monthly draft through your bank, which is becoming a more popular option for donating. Donations mailed to address above.

All donations are tax-deductible. E-mail or call 402-334-1391 with any questions.
Your generous giving keeps kids living! 

Thank you for your consideration and support.

Safe travels,
Tom Everson
Executive Director/Founder
Keep Kids Alive Drive 25¨A Non-Profit "For Action" Organization 501(c)(3)
12418 C Street
Omaha, NE 68144 

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