Sunday, August 31, 2014

World Headquarters

The mission of KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® is to make
streets safer for all who walk, ride, play, and drive.

In August of 1998 Wendy and I (Tom) set up KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® as a non-profit in a 12' X 6' office space in the basement of our home. 16 years later this same space is home to our "World Headquarters!" We have worked with over 1,500 communities representing 49 U.S. States (waiting to add Mississippi), 3 Canadian Provinces, the Bahamas, and Queensland State, Australia - connecting with traffic safety educators in Africa, Asia, and Europe along the way.

In keeping with our modest budget, $65,000 in our most recent fiscal year, we keep our overhead low (7' 3" in our office :-)). We make the most, and then some, of every dollar given to support our mission. We often wonder what we could accomplish with a more substantial budget in building upon the the work accomplished thus far.

So, of course we are always seeking donors, sponsors, and partners to help us extend the reach of our educational efforts as well as Live Forward!® in support of families whose loved ones have died in traffic incidents. Become a donor today @ KKAD25 Donate

Your business or foundation is invited to partner in our life-preserving mission -  Call 402-334-1391 or e-mail

The original KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® graphic, 
designed by Mike Cottrell, 
adorns a wall in our "World Headquarters."

It's About Kids! It's About Safety! 
It's About Caring! It's About Time!®


Anonymous said...

I am helping you promote this!!
Reedley, CA

Anonymous said...

We just had an innocent child killed in his neighborhood locally. Not my neighborhood, and not my child. But as a mother I can't let this go! My child now 16 soon to be driving agrees that a trash can would remind you a child is playing at that resident. Sure on trash days they would all be out. But as you drive through a neighborhood and see even one still at curb it stands out! For those that have issues with that! GET OVER IT!!! Have a heart for those that have lost a child. A trash can with reminder a kid is playing is a great idea! The city can have rules that if trash can is left out and no kids out then they get warned about it. I don't see a problem with this, I have a neighborhood where maybe one street has the majority of kids playing and all the other streets maybe occassionally would put theirs out, other then trash day.