Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Rules Are Made To Be... What Drives You?


What if...

...a running back in football ran out of bounds, returned to the field of play, continued running and was awarded a touchdown while crossing the goal line?

...a basketball player ran down the court holding the ball tightly without dribbling and then was awarded a basket on a layup?

...a baseball player was awarded a home run after hitting a long fly ball that was caught right at the wall?

...a sprinter was awarded a world-record time, and gold medal of course, after jumping the gun and leading competitors by 10 yards before the starting shot was fired?

Or, what if...

...someone drove 5 or 10 miles over the speed limit and hit a pedestrian?

...someone did not buckle up, was involved in a crash and was thrown from the vehicle?

...someone tailgated and ran into the vehicle they were following?

...someone using a cellular device ran over a child riding a bike?

...someone ran a stop sign and hit a child stepping off the curb to cross the street?

Of all these scenarios...

...which would be the least tolerable? 

...would any of these actions be tolerable for any reason?

..which would most likely turn up again and again for viewing on TV?

Is it fair to violate the rules in sports? What are the consequences?

Is it okay to violate the rules of the road? What are the consequences?

Do we have a greater tolerance for violating traffic laws than we do the rules of sports? Life and death hang in the balance of one, while a final score hangs in the balance of the other. What do you choose to tolerate? How is your choice reflected in your driving behaviors?

It's About Kids! It's About Safety! 
It's About Caring! It's About Time!®

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