Monday, January 20, 2014

Driven by Love

Imagine these scenarios behind the wheel... are approaching your home as your young child runs out the door to meet you. How would you drive? approach a stop sign and see your child also approaching that same intersection riding their bike (with a helmet on, of course). How would you drive? are driving down a road in your town knowing that your child is headed the opposite direction as a passenger in the car of a friend. How would you drive? are driving behind your spouse's car which also carries your children. How would you drive?

...your 16 year-old is out on the road at the same time you are. How would you drive to protect her or him?

At any time of day, one or more of these scenarios are playing out for families on every roadway in America. Are you driven by love to focus on the only task that matters - to focus solely on safe driving behavior? 

Why be driven by love? Simply answer two questions: Who do you love? Who loves you? Your answers will be all the reasons you ever need to be driven by love.

Find out how to engage all drivers in your community to be driven by love @

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