Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Guess the Story Behind these Photos


Can you guess the story behind these photos?

They are photos of the World Headquarters of Keep Kids Alive Drive 25, including our 6' X 11' Home Office.  KKAD25 was born in our family's front yard in August of 1998 with the goal of establishing a nationwide neighborhood traffic safety campaign.

So what happened? 15 years later, we have worked with citizens, city leaders, schools, civic associations, and businesses in over 1,500 communities representing 49 states, 3 Canadian Provinces, the Bahamas, and Queensland State, Australia in implementing a wide variety of traffic safety initiatives. Along the way dozens of families whose loved ones have died in traffic incidents have connected with our mission in many special ways. 

With the support of our Board of Directors we have grown the mission on austere budgets that in recent years have varied between $55,000 and $85,000 per year. It is the generosity of individuals coupled with support from several corporations that have allowed us to observe 15 anniversaries. From the size of our budget, it goes without saying - although I am writing it out - that we squeeze the very most from every dollar donated to make the Keep Kids Alive  mission happen.

As we look toward year 16 we work for and hope to realize a genuine "tipping point" where funding will allow Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 to connect the dots across America, and eventually the world, to unite all of us as neighbors with a common commitment to creating safer roadway and roadside environments for the safety and benefit of everyone. You can help make this happen through your donation by December 31st (or even after) @ KKAD25 Donate. Checks are always welcome at:

Keep Kids Alive Drive 25
12418 C Street
Omaha, NE 68144

Call or e-mail with questions or ideas for partnering.

And remember, your generous giving keeps kids living.

It's About Kids! It's About Safety! It's About Caring! It's About Time!®

Safe travels,

Tom Everson
Executive Director & Founder
Keep Kids Alive Drive 25®
A Non-Profit "For Action" Organization 501(c)(3)


12418 C Street

Omaha, NE 68144

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