Friday, September 13, 2013

The Story of John Kraft - Keeping Kids Alive!

The Story of John Kraft - Keeping Kids Alive! 

I just returned from the funeral of John Kraft, a Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 advocate who seemingly appeared out of nowhere to support our mission in the summer of 2000.

John, who grew his Chevrolet dealership into the largest in Nebraska, saw a story on Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 on a local Omaha news broadcast in early August of 2000. He picked up the phone and gave us a call. He wanted to know how he could help. And help he did.

John arrived at our home not more than 10 minutes after that phone call. He took out his check book, wrote Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 a very generous check and picked up hundreds of KKAD25 yard signs. He then drove all around Omaha, spotting moms out with their kids in front yards. He offered each a sign to post in their yard to alert motorists to the presence of children and the need to slow down on neighborhood streets. Then, when he sold his dealership to Gregg Young in the fall of 2000, he included a gift to purchase 1,000 yard signs to distribute to anyone who stopped by the dealership.

For Keep Kids Alive Drive 25, John was like a "Pied Piper," spreading our message wherever he drove. We are truly graced to have had him as a benefactor early on in our mission. As all non-profits know, without the support - oftentimes unexpected, but always appreciated - of people like John Kraft, the road we travel would be much more difficult.

Join me in celebrating the life and love that John shared and continues to share with his wife, Carlene, his 4 children, 14 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren. May we keep his spirit alive in all that we do to keep the mission of Keep Kids Alive Drive 25 alive wherever we live.

Thank you John!

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