Thursday, April 4, 2013

The "Will" to Drive to Keep Kids Alive!

What was I thinking? 

The "will" to drive safely is critical each time any one of us gets behind the wheel. Will means we actually think about what we are about to do. 

What if...

...every time any one of us gets behind the wheel, our first thoughts are, "I am going to drive safely. I am going to...

...walk around the vehicle to make sure no children are hiding in blind spots

...turn off my cell phone and set it aside until I reach my destination

...buckle up and make sure all passengers are buckled up as well

...observe all posted speed limits, and adjust downward due to presence of children at play, cyclists, road and weather conditions

...create space between my vehicle and others around me, so I have time to react to the driving behaviors of others

...use my blinker to signal all turns and lane changes

...stop - take three to see at all stop signs regardless of whether or not anyone is present - it is my chance to practice making complete stops so I am ready the one time that someone does seem to appear out of nowhere

...observe all traffic signals and traffic signs

...think of the ones I love, the ones who are waiting for me to return home safely.

Ask the questions, "Who do I love" and "who loves me?" May the faces of all the loved ones you picture in your mind give you the "will" to drive to keep kids (of all ages) alive and to make safe driving behaviors a lifetime habit. 

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