Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hang Up and Drive - Help Keep Everyone Alive!

Hang up and drive! Why? Because you love someone riding with you. Because you care enough to consider the consequences of your actions towards others on the road - each of whom is loved dearly by family and friends.

Do it for Cady Reynolds, the victim of a distracted driver running a red light, totally unaware of her surroundings - did not even brake before crashing into Cady.

Did you know? 

  • Using a cell phone for any purpose while driving reduces your ability to react to that of a drive under the influence at .09 BAC. Texting make this even worse.
  • Drivers of any age on a cell phone revert to driving like a newly licensed driver - they fail to use their peripheral vision, looking only straight ahead. Injuries and deaths occur due to this lack of awareness of what is going on around us when we drive distracted. Just think what it means to be a teen on a cell phone - already challenged in learning to drive skillfully.

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