Sunday, October 9, 2011

Remember You Are Loved

Who Do You Love? Who Loves You?

Exits and entries; we make dozens of these each day. What we say to those we care for can make all the difference when they leave home, are dropped off for school or work, and again when they return home. 

Many of these exits involve leaving home, school, or other location by motor vehicle. Each exit is an invitation to simply let those we care for know they are loved. A simple way to do so is to say, "Remember you are loved," each time a loved one parts our company. These words may make all the difference. Try it today, tomorrow, and every day.

And remember to reflect that love in word and action when those we care for return home. This truly allows them to know they are loved the next time they hear the words, "Remember you are loved."

Keep Kids Alive Drive 25

PS - for information on presentations to help parents make the most of exits and entries, visit Tom Everson Support Services - for schools, faith communities, youth/family serving organizations, and businesses providing family support resources for employees.

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