Friday, July 16, 2010

A Moral Imperative: Seeing Beyond Ourselves to Keep Kids Alive

Often we focus on the celebratory aspect of a teenager receiving his or her license to drive. It is a marker - a right of passage, a ticket to "freedom."

But what does this "freedom" imply?

My favorite definition of "freedom" is "the ability to love (or care) in all situations." This definition brings with it great responsibility. The first of these responsibilities when receiving a driver's license is the need for each of us to see beyond ourselves. This means we are responsible for every decision and action we make behind the wheel. We are responsible for observing speed limits, stopping at stop signs, observing all traffic signals and signs, maintaining safe distance between our vehicle and others, buckling up, slowing in the presence of children playing, bicyclists, pedestrians, and any obstacles that may impede our vision or create the potential for tragedy.

There is never an age at which these responsibilities expire. They are 24/7 commitments that we pledge to ourselves and everyone else on or near the road when we sign our name on our license. At its core, a driver's license is a commitment to the safety and welfare of all we encounter on roadways, including our own personal safety. If we all commit to take this responsibility to heart each time we get behind the wheel, we will find ourselves better able to exercise true freedom - to care for ourselves and others in all situations. Right this moment is not to early to begin.

"Don't let the two minutes you 'save' be the last two minutes of someone's life." Dave Townsend - Tia's Dad.

In safety,
Tom Everson
Keep Kids Alive Drive 25-A Non-Profit "For Action" Organization 501c3

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