Thursday, September 24, 2009

Let's Get Clicking! Keep Kids Alive!

Dear Friend in Safety,

Lots of Quick Links and Important Information to Share, So Let’s Get Clicking!
  • Keep Kids Alive in Morris Township, NJ
  • Seat Belts FASTENating! –Learn more at Seat Belts-Fastenating!
  • Our friend Bud Chancy with the Driving School Association of the Americas sends the following:
    37,261, represents the number of people, our loved ones, who died on America’s roadways in 2008. For more complete information, visit
    Fatality Facts and Traffic Safety Facts
    To take action to move towards Zero Deaths on all roadways, visit
    Get Started-Keep Kids Alive!
  • International Walk to School Day is October 7th – Take the first step with Stop! Take 3 To See. Also visit I Walk to School
  • Teen Safe Driver Week is October 18th – 24th. Take the challenge to create a culture of safe driving in your high school(s), and in your community. Click here to learn how!
  • Check out the latest at NOYS (The National Organizations for Youth Safety)
    Improve your driving skills at Ford Motor Company’s
    Driving Skills for Life site.
  • Janette Fennell, our friend at Kids and Cars, will appear tonight (Tuesday, 9.22.09 - 11 pm Eastern and Pacific/10pm Central and Mountain)) on the SpikeTV show “Surviving Disaster.” Janette will talk about what to do you or a love done become trapped inside a car trunk – something we don’t often consider. For more information, visit Kids and Cars.
    Did you know?
  • In the past year, KEEP KIDS ALIVE DRIVE 25® has supported traffic safety campaigns in 95 communities representing 25 states, 1 Canadian Province, and the Bahamas – all on less than $70,000.00 (a drop of over 40% from the preivious year). We do the very most with all that our donors and sponsors contribute. In order to make the difference we seek to make – through you, through neighborhoods, cities, schools, corporations, and civic organizations of all kinds, we need your financial support. Log on today at KKAD25 Donate to make your tax deductible contribution. Your generous giving keeps kids living. Thanks!

And remember,
“Don’t let the two minutes you ‘save’
be the last two minutes of someone’s life.”
David Townsend (Tia’s Dad).

In safety,
Tom Everson
Executive Director & Founder

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